Home Care Home Base’s Innovation and Achievement Award is a nomination-based award that gives Homecare Homebase the opportunity to highlight organizations that have found creative and innovative ways to address challenges within the ever-changing home care market.

HarmonyCares has a thirty-year legacy of providing high-quality, personalized healthcare in the home for people who have difficulty accessing care. In 2023, the company set goals to improve the efficacy and efficiency of their operations by:

  1. Improving productivity
  2. Reducing redundancy 
  3. Improving quality and outcomes
  4. Providing clinical decision support across the continuum of care

Early statistics comparing HarmonyCares’ 1st Quarter 2023 to 1st Quarter of 2024 show:

  1. 10.2 % reduction in workflow tasks
  2. 60% improvement in total time to completing all visit notes
  3. 67% improvement in documentation done in the home (for active users of the dictation platform)
  4. 16.5% reduction of readmissions in the first 30 days 
  5. 7.8% reduction of readmissions in the first 60 days