At-Home Dementia Care Program

HarmonyCares offers a compassionate medical approach for people
living with dementia that promotes functional ability and improved
quality of life.

Our program focuses on the clinical symptoms of dementia, especially
by targeting the symptoms that are severe enough to interfere with
daily functioning.

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How We Manage Dementia

Our dementia in-home care program offers many benefits to make loved ones feel
comfortable remaining at home. Our program includes comprehensive assessments
from speech therapists to improve language and memory. Daily exercises and check-ins
from our skilled therapists will help retain verbal abilities for extended periods.

Additionally, we have occupational therapists who will assess the home for fall risks
or other health hazards and provide modifications to increase the safety of the
home environment.

Our trained nurses will create a medication management plan, develop a medication
schedule, and help keep track of all prescribed over-the-counter medications.

Finally, HarmonyCares healthcare professionals monitor condition progression, making
important changes to prevent or alleviate factors that can worsen dementia symptoms.
Symptom management slows the progression of the disease, improves quality of life, and
helps individuals remain independent longer.

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Our Compassionate Nursing Services

Our Available Services​

Our CAP-accredited lab currently performs more than 3 million diagnostic tests annually, and can perform lab tests and X-rays in the home to gather vital information for managing health.

HarmonyCares focuses on providing relief from the stress of managing an illness to maximize patient and family satisfaction and minimize hospital visits.

HarmonyCares provides patient and family-centered, CHAP accredited hospice services to help people to continue living at home with dignity and comfort.

We partner with leading insurance companies, offering no-cost health assessments to plan members. Once a health plan identifies people who might benefit from this assessment, we will contact the member to schedule an in-home visit performed by a licensed clinician.

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