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About Us

More than 100 million people in the US face barriers to accessing care. That’s too many. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. We are dedicated to delivering personalized, compassionate care directly to those who need it most.

The Story of HarmonyCares

For over 30 years, we’ve been driven by a singular vision: every person deserves access to quality care. This vision is not just a goal, but the heartbeat of our mission, empowering us to make an impact in our communities. Our value-based care model brings clinical teams closer to those we serve, fostering a deeper, more focused connection that enhances outcomes and creates more meaningful moments for families to share at home.

Born in 1993 as USMM, a house call physician practice, we’ve been on a dedicated journey to care for our patients. Today, we redefine personalized, home-based medical care, bringing comprehensive services directly to the doors of those who need it most. Our commitment is to people with complex clinical needs, ensuring that exceptional care is not just accessible, but also compassionate.

Now, we proudly stand as the nation’s largest provider of in-home physician services for individuals with complex medical conditions. Our mission is clear: to provide high-quality personalized healthcare in the home for people who have difficulty accessing care.

USMM began serving patients as a house call service in Detroit, MI


USMM continues expanding and introduces the 24/7 Patient Care Center


HarmonyCares joins the CMS Innovation Center ACO REACH, focusing on value-based care for patients


Seeing the need for a contium of care for patients, USMM developed lab, home health and hospice services


Rebrands to HarmonyCares and launches the MSSP ACO, serving over 20k people with Medicare


HarmonyCares is the largest house call provider in the US

What is a "Housepitalist"?

[Housepitalist]TM (N); [HOWZ]-[pit]-[al]-[ist]: Physicians or advanced practice providers who bring high-quality personalized healthcare in the home for people who have difficulty accessing care.

Housepitalists are simply doctors who come to your home to take care of your most complex health needs when you’re struggling to get to a regular doctors’ office visit. The same way a Hospitalist in the hospital works with a team to give you the best possible outcomes, our Housepitalists will work alongside your family doctor to provide the level of care you would expect from an in-office setting.

Our Reach and Proven Results

By tailoring our care to the unique needs of the individual, we can offer custom care plans that support well-being and independence at home.

National Presence

Serving multiple communities in 15 states, HarmonyCares is dedicated to caring for some of the most complex  health needs of people in the US.

High-Performing ACO

We are proud to be the second-best performing Medicare MSSP ACO in the country, consistently delivering over 10% medical expense savings rate. For those in our care, hospital admission rates are reduced by up to 13%.

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