Wound Care Management

In-Home Wound Care Services

HarmonyCares offers a wound care management program for the ongoing treatment
of wounds that won’t heal. Wounds affected by underlying diseases or those treated
with surgery can have difficulty healing correctly. Open wounds can quickly lead to
infection and other issues without proper care.

Our treatment program prevents complications, promotes healing, preserves
functionality, and relieves pain. A certified wound care nurse oversees the care of all
patients in the wound care program to prevent complications.

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How We Manage Wounds at Home

We work closely with your providers to document the wound treatment progress and ensure
the best healing interventions occur.

We know that addressing pain is essential to chronic wound management, as it can help improve
a person’s quality of life. That’s why our specialists assess pain upfront as a part of developing a
comprehensive care plan for our patients. We’ll form a tailored treatment plan that suits unique
needs of the individual.

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Our Compassionate Nursing Services

Our Available Services​

Our CAP-accredited lab currently performs more than 3 million diagnostic tests annually, and can perform lab tests and X-rays in the home to gather vital information for managing health.

HarmonyCares focuses on providing relief from the stress of managing an illness to maximize patient and family satisfaction and minimize hospital visits.

HarmonyCares provides patient and family-centered, CHAP accredited hospice services to help people to continue living at home with dignity and comfort.

We partner with leading insurance companies, offering no-cost health assessments to plan members. Once a health plan identifies people who might benefit from this assessment, we will contact the member to schedule an in-home visit performed by a licensed clinician.

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