Fall Risk Management

Fall Risk Prevention Program

As we age, it can become more challenging to maintain our natural sense of
balance. Our Fall Risk Prevention Program tailors the treatment plan to match
a person’s needs to help improve balance, gait, mobility, and flexibility.

Our comprehensive safety program also includes educating patients on fall
risks and complications.

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How We Prevent Fall Risk at Home

People living with complex conditions such as arthritis, COPD, diabetes, and Parkinson’s
could be at risk of falling for several reasons. These factors can increase a risk of falling
due to natural aging, such as loss of muscle mass, medication use, slowed reaction time,
and foot problems.

As part of our Fall Risk Prevention Program, an assessment of the environment is performed
by a licensed clinician. This home safety screening helps make the home safer by identifying
potential fall risks and recommending steps to avoid them, such as home modifications.

Our therapists will also recommend regular exercise routines. Regular exercise strengthens
the body, improves balance and mobility, and helps prevent complications from underlying
conditions that commonly cause falls.

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Our CAP-accredited lab currently performs more than 3 million diagnostic tests annually, and can perform lab tests and X-rays in the home to gather vital information for managing health.

HarmonyCares focuses on providing relief from the stress of managing an illness to maximize patient and family satisfaction and minimize hospital visits.

HarmonyCares provides patient and family-centered, CHAP accredited hospice services to help people to continue living at home with dignity and comfort.

We partner with leading insurance companies, offering no-cost health assessments to plan members. Once a health plan identifies people who might benefit from this assessment, we will contact the member to schedule an in-home visit performed by a licensed clinician.

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